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Filtration and Pond Aeration Systems from Direct 2 U Water Conditioning

Cartridge Filtration

Sediment / Odor Filters

Fleck 5800 SXT

Backwashing Filters Standard Features:

  • Time clock control “clock is simple to set”
  • GAC (chlorine, the by-products of chlorination, pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals in general)
  • NEXTSAND (turbidity/cloudiness removal)

Pond / Dugout Aeration

Why use aeration in your pond or lake?

  • Oxygen is the key to healthy water.
  • Water naturally receives oxygen two ways:
    • 1. at the surface where the air and water contact each other
    • 2. from the photosynthesis of algae and plants below the water surface.
  • In stagnant water, there is no exchange of oxygen and water forms well-defined layers of different temperatures.
  • Aeration assists in oxygenating and agitating the water. It also prevents winter ice from sealing the pond surface, allowing oxygen transfer.
HD 250 Electric Aeration System HD 450 Electric Aeration System

Additional Products

natures pond ultra concentrate

  • Kills algae in ponds and dugouts
  • Uses beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes to reduce sludge and odors
  • All Natural and safe for fish
polydex algaecide

natures pond dye

  • Enhances Natural Colour of water
  • Provides UV protection to inhibit Algae and weed growth
  • All Natural and safe for fish
polypro algaecide
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