Filtration and Pond Aeration Systems from Direct 2 U Water Conditioning

Cartridge Filtration

Sediment / Odor Filters

Backwashing Filters Standard Features:

  • 1” distributor w/upper basket
  • Time clock control “clock is simple to set”
  • GAC (chlorine, the by-products of chlorination, pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals in general)
  • NEXTSAND (turbidity/cloudiness removal)

Pond / Dugout Aeration

Why use aeration in your pond or lake?

  • Oxygen is the key to healthy water.
  • Water naturally receives oxygen two ways:
    • 1. at the surface where the air and water contact each other
    • 2. from the photosynthesis of algae and plants below the water surface.
  • In stagnant water, there is no exchange of oxygen and water forms well-defined layers of different temperatures.
  • Aeration assists in oxygenating and agitating the water. It also prevents winter ice from sealing the pond surface, allowing oxygen transfer.
Robust-Aire® Aquatic Aeration System ManualKM Series Teich-Aire™ Rocking Piston Oil-less Compressors Manual

Additional Products

Polydex Algaecide

  • Kills algae in ponds and dugouts
  • Certified safe for potable water by NSF
polydex algaecide

Polypro Algaecide

  • Kills algae in ponds and dugouts
  • Fish safe
polypro algaecide

Pond Pro Natural Clarifier

Uses beneficial bacteria to reduce sludge and odors

pond pro natural clarifier

True Blue Pond Dye

Brings a natural blue appearance to your water to eliminate algae and weed growth

true blue pond dye
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